Visit our surrounding beauties!

El Saltadero Waterfall

This is a place that we recommend visiting due to the dynamism existing in it. Many tours make a stop to see a group of teenagers jumping from the top of the waterfall. An excellent place for photographers and also, for those who like fresh water from the mountains.


Laguna El Dudu

The El Dudú Lagoon, located in the municipality of Cabrera, is one of the main tourist attractions in the María Trinidad Sánchez province that attracts thousands of visitors each year. It is located on the Cabrera-Nagua highway near the town of La Entrada.

In the Dudu, there are two turquoise freshwater lakes. They are the product of the depression of a cave, a geological phenomenon called cenote.

The main lagoon or the Dudú has the shape of a crater with an area of 700 square meters and a depth of 25 meters.

Visitors have the option of going for the zipline that runs through the lagoon from end to end, falling into the water from a height of 10 meters. If you plan to do so, you should do so with caution and follow the instructions of the staff of this private complex

The other lagoon, known as the Well of the Horses, is smaller and shallower. Here, visitors can take a refreshing swim and enjoy the natural beauty of this environment

The El Dudú Lagoon is one of the ideal places to practice speleological diving, since the two bodies of water are directly connected through subterranean tunnels. According to the story, The Dudu began making use for diving by Michel Bonin in 1993, and by the end of the decade, Horst Julius exploded the main tunnel.

Other attractions of the Dudu Lagoon is its wide green area where you can enjoy sunbathing or participate in outdoor activities, and the Taína cave that features rock art printed on its walls.

Playa Diamante

Located in the María Trinidad Sánchez province, Playa Diamante is one of the most beautiful spaces on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. Apart from its natural beauty, it stands out for the peculiarity of looking like a diamond and its shallow and calm waters.

Diamante Beach is located about five minutes from the community of Cabrera in the vicinity of the Cabrera-Nagua highway.

This beach has a wide expanse of white sand bordered by low stone walls and trees.

This represents a very safe space for the whole family, since the depth of its turquoise waters is very low. Up to 100 meters from the shore, the water barely reaches the knee but it goes deep as it approaches the open coast.

Among the many options for fun in this delightful place are the boats and kayaks that offer tours around the beach and along the coast.

There is a small bar / restaurant that serves drinks and meals (fresh fish and seafood). In the vicinity, there are restaurants, cafes and shops where you can consume all kinds of products necessary to spend a good day with family, friends or couple.

In lodging options, vacationers can find small hotels within a short car ride


Playa Grande

Playa Grande in Río San Juan is one of the many tourist attractions that the municipality has in the Province of María Trinidad Sánchez in the Dominican Republic. It is a beach with crystalline waters typical of the Caribbean countries and surrounded by a great diversity of fauna and flora that attract hundreds of travelers every day who love nature and the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean. Playa Grande in Río San Juan is a beach famous for its waves and fine sand.

About 1 km of white sand beach bathed by the crystalline waters of the Atlantic Ocean is what makes Playa Grande in Rio San Juan. The waves of this beach make it suitable for boogie boarding and surfing and many surfers from all over the country and from abroad come to it to take advantage of the waves. On the beach you can enjoy a good meal at the chiringuitos that are located at the entrance, which specialize in seafood and of course Dominican style dishes.

Playa Grande is located in the Municipality of Río San Juan, which is located in the María Trinidad Sánchez Province and is located fifty kilometers northwest of Nagua, the county seat of the Province in the Dominican Republic. The municipality Río San Juan has a population of approximately 15,000 inhabitants and is characterized as a cheerful city, the wooden houses are painted in flamboyant colors and its inhabitants have adapted to mass tourism that is due to the charm and many places of interest. great tourist attraction that is agglomerated in the municipality of Dominican Republic.

The Río San Juan municipality has in its territory sites that are perfect for those who are nature lovers, with two of the most beautiful and visited beaches in the Dominican Republic, which are Playa Caletón and Playa Grande. In this municipality they have been losing some of the cultural traditions, as it is the case of the dance, the parties of sticks, among others, since they have been replaced by other more modern dances, in large part this is due to the amount of tourists that the area receives.

Playa Caletón, Rio San Juan

Locally known as La Playita, this beach is a pleasant cove of golden sand and calm blue waters. This space is surrounded by a mangrove forest, Its calm waves make it in a safe place so that small children can play and ideal for diving.
If someone is hungry, there are several nearby establishments that offer traditional Dominican dishes and cold drinks. Some have become well known for their fried fish and seafood dishes.

Caletón beach is not close to many important hotels, but vacationers can find accommodation in some hotels in Río San Juan.



Kite Beach and Cabarete Bay
Kite Beach is the ultimate Cabarete attraction. By dozens, kitesurfing enthusiasts meet there to practice their sport and exchange their techniques. Several competitions take place every year, including one of the stages of the PKRA (Professional Kite Riders Association) World Cup. Cabarete Bay is another good place to remember if you are a kitesurfing fan. The place offers such good conditions, but is often less crowded.

Mountain bike
Do you like thrills, but prefer to stay on dry land? Indulge in mountain biking! Experts will be drawn to the 40-kilometer El Choco Loco while beginners will prefer the 23-kilometer Jamao River Loop.

If you're a golf lover, that's good, because the Dominican Republic is a destination with beautiful tropical terrain. Do not forget to bring your finest cover-sticks: you will fury with the Dominicans!


Whale watching
Whale watching is undoubtedly the most popular activity in Samaná. Located near Playa Anadel, the Museo de las Ballenas informs visitors about these impressive mammals and their place in the global ecosystem. You will learn, among other things, about the migratory movements of these great cetaceans. Finally, you will be speechless in front of the skeleton of a whale of twelve meters exposed to the museum. There is something to feel small!

El Salto del Limón (waterfalls, nature and parks)
One of Samaná's main water attractions is located just north of the city. This is the impressive waterfall El Salto del Limon, a place to visit. You can also go hiking in the lush surrounding forest or explore the area on horseback. It is even possible to make a saucette in a natural pool.

Los Haitises National Park
Go on a day trip and discover the rugged beauty of Los Haitises National Park, a protected forest sanctuary located along the coast that includes a dozen small islands in the bay of San Lorenzo. Aboard a small boat, you will pass through swamps where you will see reptiles, brown pelicans, frigates and royal terns. You will also pass near prehistoric caves where pirates hid their treasures.

Enjoy the beaches
It's hot in Samaná! Go cool off or take some sun at one of the many beaches in the area.
Las Terrenas: a small and lively fishing village where you will find the most beautiful pages of the peninsula.
Las Flechas Bay: Las Flechas Bay is a place steeped in history. Located about 2 km and a half east of Samaná, it is surrounded by beautiful palm trees.
Las Galeras: Located at the eastern end of the Samana Peninsula, Las Galeras is a large expanse of blinding white sand surrounded by palm trees. The silence and tranquility that characterize the place are interrupted only by the boats of fishermen who go to sea or come back.


Puerto Plata

Isabel de Torres National Park
If you are not afraid of heights, you must stop at Isabel de Torres National Park. For only a few dollars, you can go to the top of a mountain by cable car from where you will have a spectacular view of Puerto Plata and the ocean. It's really worth the trip!

Merengue Festival
The merengue is the national dance of the Dominican Republic, so it is not surprising that the country devotes a festival. In October of each year, the streets of Puerto Plata are closed for three days to make room for the festivities. Music, gastronomy, crafts and sensual dancers are waiting for you. Be careful, the temperature may rise suddenly!

Ocean World Adventure Park
Dolphin shows, exotic bird shows, Latin dance shows: Ocean World will make your day and night. The park contains several marine species such as sea lions, sharks and dolphins. If you have always wanted to swim with cetaceans, this is an opportunity to make your dream come true!

The 27 falls Damajagua
Do you like nature and thrills? If you are staying in Puerto Plata or around, plan an excursion to Damajagua Falls. Once at the top of the mountain, with your helmet and your lifejacket, you will jump into the different pools and you will slip into the smaller falls to bathe. A little advice for those who will try the experiment: do not forget your water shoes!

Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo,
The capital of the Dominican Republic, is close to several airports, including Las Americas International Airport. It offers culture, art, entertainment, architecture and history. It is a destination where you can both rest and go on an adventure. You will discover, among other things, lively cafes and nightclubs in an enchanting colonial setting. Finally, the city of Santo Domingo is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

A colonial city
As soon as you leave the hotel, you will be transported to another era. Explore the Colonial Zone of the city and visit the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including America's first cathedral.